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MelodyCan Audio CD Ripper

New Melodycan installation includes easy to use Audio CD Ripper. This program is installed together with MelodyCan converter and has absolutely handy interface. Just load an audio CD to your drive and click "Rip" button. After CD Ripper finishes its work, MelodyCan starts immediately to convert audio tracks into the desired format. Note that the program supports MP3, WAV and M4A (AAC) output formats for the converted files. You can set a desired output format in MelodyCan settings by choosing one of three encoders for audio files.

You can configure output settings clicking on "Settings" button in MelodyCan window. CD Ripper retrieves the CD information (artist name, album name, track names etc.) from Internet if available. From this moment you're able to convert music from audio CDs as well as from your hard disk drive using MelodyCan!

MelodyCan CD Ripper tasks are:

  • Rip audio CD to MP3 files
  • Rip audio CD to AAC files
  • Rip audio CD to WAV files
  • Convert audio CD
  • Encode audio CD
  • Convert music from CD
  • Grab CD tracks
  • Grab CD music

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